First blog post

My name is Nancy Real,  I have been the owner of Real World Travels ~ a Dream Vacations Franchise for 10 years and have learned a bit regarding River Cruising throughout that time and booked many clients on various River Cruise Vacations but have focused mostly on Ocean Cruising and Land Vacations/Tours.

It is high time I got out there on the rivers myself and learn first hand the differences in the ships, company offerings, services along with the destinations along the rivers as well.

Previously I have set aside a year or 2 to focus on a destination and learn everything I could about it and it has paid off in my knowledge and confidence in being able to really know that location for my clients. I have done so with Alaska, Europe, the Caribbean, Resorts of Cancun and the Riviera Maya and the Hawaiian Islands.  I consider myself a Destination Expert in these locations and have Certifications to back them up.

I have decided that for then next couple of years that River Cruises will be my focus.  My time, energy, education and money, (yes, travel agents DO spend their own $$ to travel!), on exploring the different destinations and companies out there on the rivers of the world.

I started this blog so that I would have the space to write my experiences in learning about them and sailing on them with you, my readers and clients, who may be interested in what I am finding out as well.  This way it will also be stored for future readers and research also.  Of course I will cross post with various social networks so you can get notifications and come here for more content.

I hope you enjoy, comment and share with me and others!  I also hope you come join me on some new adventures on the many rivers out there.

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